Database Design and Management

We have a Data Base Analyst who will review any database systems you have and come up with ideas to get your systems working together or build you a system to run your business from scratch!
 Technologies:  MS SQL 2000 thru 2008; Oracle 9i thru 11g
  • Database Integration:- database installations and setup within the environment
  • Create/modify objects to suit processing requirements:
  • tables (which store the data in a structured way for easy access)
  • indexes (allowing faster data queries)
  • tablespaces (the files which actually store the data)
  • procedures (routines which perform calculations and manipulation of the data stored in the tables as well as creating/updating/deleting data)
  • triggers (operations that happen periodically when certain defined activity with the database has occurred)
  • Database Maintenance:- ensure databases are running well and within performance constraints – schedule tasks (backups, removal of stagnant data etc) – general troubleshooting and application testing