Search Engine Optimisation

A basic level of search engine optimisation comes as standard with all our sites, this makes sure they get indexed in Google within a couple of days. However making sure a site ranks high for key search terms, for searches local to Newton Abbot and globally, requires an ongoing SEO service. Number one rankings aren’t something that happen overnight.

SEO is a complex beast and isn’t just about using the right keywords. Google changes the way it indexes content on a frequent and unpredictable basis which makes it essential that your site is regularly tweaked so that it keeps ranking well.

While many aspects of SEO will change over time there are a few key areas that you can count on to help keep Google happy. The main things are quality content and regular updates – quality content lets Google know that your site is offering something of value to the people using its search engine, regular updates let Google know your business is alive and thriving. Building quality backlinks from sites related to your own will also help to keep your business buoyant in the rankings.

Our clever SEO people can help you with all of this, and to adapt when Google changes its mind on how to index sites in ways that might negatively effect yours. SEO isn’t just another acronym created to make the internet an even more confusing place, it’s an essential part of building a business online.